Ebiges Technologies

We are a private research and innovation center founded in 2015 and our mission is to create new technologies to improve people's quality of life based on three pillars: Creativity, Knowledge and Sustainability.

We work to promote:

  • Scientific research and development projects with the objective of consolidating and expanding scientific and technological competences in the areas of Autonomous Systems, Energy Resources, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Physics and Engineering.
  • Technological inclusion and a culture of innovation through inventions and technological innovations, processes, study and scientific training.
  • Unrestrained creativity and raise the inventive capacity of human beings to solve problems.


We live to evolve. Our essence is to create, innovate, transform and achieve.


Going beyond is going through the unknown, breaking barriers using knowledge and experience as tools. Going beyond is believing in dreams making them come true.


We are able to improve. More quality, more performance, more efficiency.

Building the Future

We live to evolve. Our essence is to create, innovate, transform and achieve.


Set of frameworks that allow the standardization of processes, development, management and distribution of softwares through a innovative abstraction layer.


Integration environment between humans, softwares and robots.


Set of electronic and electromechanical devices compatible with the standardization and integration frameworks.


Innovative electric power generator for autonomous devices.


High-performance human-oriented production environment based on virtual and augmented reality.